To the Moon and back

astronautThis voyage, my Love,

is not an ordinary trip

to the Moon and back.

This voyage, my Love,

will take me back in Time

‘cause I’m about to travel

at the very beginning of my life,

and far into the future,

at the core of my own resurrection.

Stay close to me, my Love,

and hold my hand

as if it were forever.

So take this rainbow

as a symbol of the vows

we secretely keep in our hearts

Take these stars

as memories

for the nights we should have spent together.

And I…..

I will take the morning sun

so I can always remember

the light and gentelness in your smile.

Stay close to me, my Love,

and hold my hand

as if it were forever.

And should I ever lose myself

on the alleys of paradise,

If I ever lose myself and never find the way back

You should know, my Love,

that in my heart

I will never let you go.

2 răspunsuri to “To the Moon and back”

  1. Rasťo Says:

    this is very nice, thank You!

  2. @Rasto, I’m glad you like it.

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